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Working From Home? Don’t Worry Your Not Alone!

Does this pandemic have you working from home? Have you been noticing more headaches, neck, back or shoulder pain since transitioning to your home office? Has anyone ever mentioned or spoken to you about an ergonomic assessment? Many of you may not even know what an ergonomic assessment is or know that is a resource available to you!

An ergonomic assessment is an evaluation by a professional, of your work or home set up, who will analyze your posture and position your body is in while at your desk and computer. The professional will evaluate and educate you for a proper chair, desk, computer monitor and arms to make sure it is putting the least amount of stress on your body during your work day.

Most of us spend about 8-10 hours a day at our jobs. If you are sitting or standing incorrectly for this amount of time everyday, it’s no wonder we all have musculoskeletal disorders in our neck, back and shoulders! Think about your job and posture during your work day to being similar to an athlete working out all day long. You are constantly using and working postural muscles for an 8-10 hour period. But unlike athletes, who warm up or stretch before and after their work day, to decrease the strain on the muscles; you just go in day in and day out putting strain on these same muscles without taking care of them. Everyone should do a small warm up of 15 minutes before their work day, to begin getting blood flow to the muscles they are using all day long. This may include a dynamic warm up in the parking lot, wrist exercises, shoulder exercises, neck stretches, and pelvic tilts to warm up these muscles.

If you feel like your posture and set up at home or work is affecting your neck, shoulder, back or any other areas of the body, try speaking to your physical therapist first about some quick tips that can be done to make adjustments. If you are not seeing a physical therapist, mention to your employer you would like an ergonomic assessment performed of your work space, to decrease the strain on your body and improve your efficiency at home or work. Your employer is obligated to provide one of these for you. If you are working from home, you may have to cover the expense on your own and see if your employer will reimburse you. But I do have to say, you can not put a value on your health and well being! Take this time to be more healthy and change the future for your body!

Here at Back In Action Ergonomics and Wellness, LLC, we have two physical therapists Certified in Ergonomic Assessment’s who would be more then happy to discuss your home and work ergonomics and posture. Email us today to schedule a telehealth appointment or request more information and education on your posture and work ergonomics.

Alexandra Urban DPT, CMTPT, CEAS, HFS

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